Cherkasy School 7
Dane szkoły

Adres szkoły: Cherkasy, Ukraine

Kraj: UA

Województwo: Cherkasy

Typ szkoły: State secondary school

Strona www: http://school7.ck.ua

Link do profilu na Facebooku: https://www.facebook.com/school7.cherkassy/

Liczba uczniów: 500

Wiek uczniów: 6-17

Charakterystyka szkoły (informacja o szkole, zasoby własne, samorząd uczniowski, koła zainteresowań, koła europejskie, etc.)
Our school is open to international cooperation, four years of successful work in the eTwinning program have brought us 12 European Quality Awards. The school has a Euroclub "You and me", our school's projects have been selected to the top ten projects in Ukraine twice, Student Government is fully implemented, the school has an active student parliament, the school president participates in solving all important issues of school life. The school has a dance club "Rainbow" and a song club "Zlagoda", whose members glorify their school at city, regional and national competitions. Pupils of the school take part in all-Ukrainian competitions such as "Greenwich", "Lion", "Kangaroo", "Sunflower" and show high results. The school has three thematic museums - the Museum of Memory, the Shevchenko Room Museum, and the Camera Museum. our students love to play sports, participate in various competitions and win prizes. Many students have artistic inclinations, draw, sculpt, create interesting improvements from recycled materials. This year a student of our school took 3rd place in the international drawing competition for the birthday of Robert Burns. The school often holds workshops on making crafts. The school has two computer science classrooms equipped with modern computers, and almost every classroom has a computer and a TV or multimedia projector. We take care safety about our children, so we regularly hold talks and lectures on "Internet Security"

Atrakcje w miejscowości i regionie
Cherkasy is a city in the heart of Ukraine, the cradle of the Cossacks. One version of the origin of the name of the city is a translation of the word meaning "Settlement dear to heart " and this is our city: cozy, elegant, with the endless Dnieper, like the sea, with fragrant pine forests, flowering parks and cozy parks, with beautiful architecture, some buildings were built by world-famous architects such as Vladislav Gorodetsky. School №7 is located in the suburb of a town, near a pine forest, near one of the largest city parks, near the longest dam in Ukraine across the Dnieper. near the school there is a small garden, many flower beds, playgrounds equipped with modern training equipment.

Kogo i do jakiej współpracy szukamy? (tematy, obszary i formy współpracy)
We would like to have friendly relations with the Polish school, so that students can create joint projects, get acquainted with the history, customs and cultural traditions of Poland, present their country thus broadening the worldview, develop skills needed in the 21st century, promote key competencies , form peaceful, friendly and mutually beneficial relations between the youth of our states. It is desirable that the school has similar interests: creativity, sports, local lore.

Osoba do kontaktu

Imię i nazwisko: Lesia Shcherbatiuk

Email: nazaroma@ukr.net

Rola w szkole: Teacher

Języki: Ukrainian, English, Russian, German

Cherkasy School 7
Cherkasy School 7
Cherkasy School 7
Cherkasy School 7