Irpin school 12 (linguistic school) with studying foreign languages.
Dane szkoły

Adres szkoły: Z.Aliiva Str.64, Irpin, Ukraine, 08023

Kraj: UA

Województwo: Kyiv

Typ szkoły: Government school

Strona www: https://school12.irpinosvita.gov.ua/

Link do profilu na Facebooku: https://www.facebook.com/rice.rainbow.18/

Liczba uczniów: 2600

Wiek uczniów: 6-17

Charakterystyka szkoły (informacja o szkole, zasoby własne, samorząd uczniowski, koła zainteresowań, koła europejskie, etc.)
Irpin school 12 is located in the center of the city Irpin. There are 2600 pupils who can learn 12 languages because they are learning in the linguistic school. School has got some Internet classrooms, 2 sport halls, a library, a museum, a school cantine and an Eco cafe. Each classroom has got tv set and the internet for online educational programs, some classrooms have got the Smart Boards and Computers. The Pupils Organisation works very well that's why this school takes and active part in city/Ukrainian/international events and projects. School has got football/basketball courses for youth of the city. Pupils of the school have been taking an active part in the international projects on the platform eTwinning and were awarded by the European Quality Lables. Teacher and pupils like traveling a lot. That's why our school has got partner-schools in Germany, Azerbaidzhan and would like to have a partner-school in Poland.

Atrakcje w miejscowości i regionie
Irpin is a city of youth, sport, green parks and mixed cultures. There are the park of Writers where the famouse writers and artists of Ukraine, Poland worked. The riverfront has got some very useful zones like a sport, family, rest, fish, football ones. The center of the city has got the sculptures of great heroes of Ukraine. The peole like having a rest at the fountains in the center. There are a stadion, a library, some schools. The youth likes join different courses and sport competitions. The museum of city tells about Irpin and people's life in it well.Irpin has got some very amazing events every year like Art Event, Football matches, the City Day, the Day of Reading (for young poets and writers) and others. City deals with the Animal Help Organisation and help animals in the city and the forest near by.

Kogo i do jakiej współpracy szukamy? (tematy, obszary i formy współpracy)
We would like to cooperate in the branches: Show youth Culture , Let's be Healthy, This Planet is our House, Youth Tribes, Sport Competitions and others. And we are interested to organise the summer camp for youth leaders.

Osoba do kontaktu

Imię i nazwisko: Natalia Oliinyk

Email: teacher_natalia_ukraine@ukr.net

Rola w szkole: teacher of German and English, leaderteacher of the branch of internetional projects

Języki: Ukrainian, German , English , a little Polish, russian

Irpin school 12 (linguistic school) with studying foreign languages.
Irpin school 12 (linguistic school) with studying foreign languages.
Irpin school 12 (linguistic school) with studying foreign languages.
Irpin school 12 (linguistic school) with studying foreign languages.