Kharkiv secondary school # 91
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Adres szkoły: 18B Sadovyi proyezd Kharkiv 61100 Ukraine

Kraj: UA

Województwo: Kharkiv

Typ szkoły: Secondary

Strona www: http://school91.edu.kh.ua/informaciya_pro_shkolu/istoriya/

Link do profilu na Facebooku: https://www.facebook.com/groups/813069682123575

Liczba uczniów: 600

Wiek uczniów: 6-16

Charakterystyka szkoły (informacja o szkole, zasoby własne, samorząd uczniowski, koła zainteresowań, koła europejskie, etc.)
Our school is friendly to students. It is ready to collaboration and cooperation We have a Euroclub " EuroMix" at school and our students take part in many international projects. Our favourite programme is eTwinning. We are there since 2015. There are more than 30 successful projects there. Our students visited European Parliament won the contest between Ukrainian clubs. This year we took part in the international project in Krzyżowa. The school has a dance club "Elledance". The school has a Ukrainian Historical Museum and super sportsground. Our students love playing sports, participate in different competitions and be winners. Students are different but creative and talented. Our school works on the topic " The formation of life competence os students"

Atrakcje w miejscowości i regionie
Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine . There are a lot of sights here but our favourite ones are a Nice monument changing colour lights good for sightseeing and photos just off the main road but still fairly peaceful"-Mirror Stream fountain, Kharkiv Zoo and Kharkiv Gorkiy Park

Kogo i do jakiej współpracy szukamy? (tematy, obszary i formy współpracy)
We want to have friendly collaboration with the Polish schools, so that students can create common projects, get acquainted with the history, customs and cultural and sport traditions of Poland, develop different skills, promote key competencies , form peaceful, friendly and mutually beneficial relations between the youth of our states.We would like to have schools with the same interests

Osoba do kontaktu

Imię i nazwisko: Oksana Shtykh

Email: oksanastykh@gmail.com

Rola w szkole: coordinator of Euroclub and English teacher

Języki: russian ukrainian english

Kharkiv secondary school # 91
Kharkiv secondary school # 91
Kharkiv secondary school # 91
Kharkiv secondary school # 91